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Union Paving and Construction Co., Inc.
Some of the current projects include:
Route I-78, Union (Hyperbuild) -

Project Owner:  NJDOT
Contract Amount:  $32 MILLION
Completion Date:  October 2007

Project Description:
  Reconstruct 3 miles of Local and Express Lanes; Install New Highway Drainage System, Highway Lighting, Overhead Signs, Bridge Widening.
Route 1&9, Rahway/Woodbridge -

Project Owner:  NJDOT
Contract Amount:  $39 MILLION
Completion Date:  January 2009

Project Description:  Reconstruction & Realignment of 1 mile of Highway; Bridge Demolition & Construction, Cofferdams, Drainage, Watermains, Highway Lighting & Traffic Signals, Retaining Walls, Ductbanks, Landscaping.
Corbin St. Newark/Elizabeth -

Project Owner:  Port Authority of NY & NJ
Contract Amount:  $25 MILLION
Completion Date:  March 2009

Project Description:  This project includes construction of an intermodal rail support facility which includes a rail storage yard, and connecting rail lines into Ports Elizabeth and Newark to be utilized by Conrail.  This will vastly improve the movement of goods to and from the ports. There are 2 new bridges being constructed over tidal waters.  The first bridge is over Peddie’s ditch and is a 2 span structure while the other is a 7 span bridge over Bound Creek.  Both bridges were designed and built for railroad traffic with a total of 144 precast deck and beams integrally cast.  The beams measure 7 ft wide by 25 ft long by 2’-4 “ in depth and weigh approximately  30 tons each.  Other bridge highlights include 20,000 lf of 16” diameter pipe piles and 1,600 cy of high performance concrete.
     The railroad yard includes five soil surcharges consisting of over 32,000 cy monitored over a 9 month period.  Underneath the surcharges are either wick drains or wood pilings along with geogrid soil stabilization fabric under the railroad track beds.  When completed there will be five new yard tracks and 4 rail connections to Conrail’s mainline tracks.  We are installing over eight miles of new track, complete with sub-ballast, ballast and under-drains, utilizing 1400 ft strings of  continuous welded rail brought in on rail-cars and off-loaded by two Cat 345 excavators.  Civil work includes installation of compressed air lines and storm drainage throughout the facility supplemented by 2 storm water management structures.  We are proud to report that the project remains on time and accident free to date.